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Today's Outrage: Citi's Parsons Blames You

Citigroup's new chairman is pointing the finger at everyone in assessing blame for the financial collapse. In fact, he's blaming <I>you</I> for Citi's problems and all the rest.
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The new chairman of Citigroup (C) , Richard Parsons, is blaming you for the mess his bank is in and for the entire financial crisis to boot.

That's right. You did it. You insisted on being allowed to borrow more than you could afford. You demanded new types of mortgages that didn't require any money down and let you skip payments and tack the money onto the loan.

Your greed inspired the banks to create all sorts of crazy derivative securities from those mortgages, divorcing and diluting the claims to the underlying assets until there was pretty much no intrinsic value. The banks did it for you, so that they could have more money to lend, so you could buy yet another house you couldn't afford

You turned the housing market into another investing opportunity, buying and flipping and profiting along the way, so the bankers just followed your lead when they were buying and selling those mortgage-related securities and earning huge bonuses.

And here's where you really messed things up -- you failed to make payments on those irresponsible loans and caused the entire house of cards to collapse. What the heck were you thinking? How could you ruin it for everyone like that?

The banks did all this for you and this is how you return the favor?

You've destroyed almost all the value in Citigroup,

Bank of America



Wells Fargo


and other mortgage makers. You caused trillions of dollars in assets at

Goldman Sachs



Morgan Stanley


and JPMorgan Chase, among others, to become practically worthless.

You forced the U.S. government to come to your rescue and put more than a trillion dollars in taxpayer money at risk to try to bailout the system.

You caused the entire global economy to crumble.

Parsons is right. You really screwed things up. Lucky for you, Parsons isn't holding a grudge. He's clearly focused on fixing the problem.

If only everyone else could see things as clearly as Parsons.

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