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much touted big oil find in the Gulf of Mexico proves that our desperate desire to cling to our oil-fed lifestyles won't abate any time soon.'s

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Chevron's oil discovery

became one of the top stories on our site Friday and continues to be well-read today. The incredible interest demonstrates how much we still care about oil.

Chevron's find also shows what depths we are willing to plumb for a little more fossilized dinosaur dung. To get to this deep-water deposit, Chevron's Buckskin unit had to float out 200 miles off the coast of Texas, drop its equipment down more than a mile of water and drill to a total depth of 29,404 feet. That's about 5 ½ miles down.


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Royal Dutch Shell


are all in this game too.

So even as our politicians jawbone about green technology and alternative energy, we keep desperately seeking our oil fix.

Our government may mandate that

General Motors

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build more green cars, but our true love remains oil.

If President Obama and our Congress want to wean us off the fossil fuels, they'll need to focus more energy (forgive the pun) on stimulating consumer demand for the alternatives.

Chevron isn't drilling out in the middle of the ocean for sport. There's plenty of money to be made that offsets the cost and risk involved. I don't blame them for chasing revenue. That's what they are supposed to do.

My point is that we'll keep chasing oil until there's a reason not to.

Clearly that reason doesn't exist right now.

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