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1. SPY

Bob Byrne
1/15/2009 1:56 p.m. EST

I think we can have a great oversold bounce, but not a sustained market advance. I am watching the 830 area on the emini for initial resistance to this advance...

Morgan Stanley just out with positive comments on the education stocks.

iShares 20-Year Treasury

(TLT) - Get Report

pulling back and

U.S. Oil Fund

(USO) - Get Report

bouncing ... all positive for a market advance.

Position: Long SPY

2. CEDC -- Trading Opportunity

Steve Gear
1/15/2009 10:03 a.m. EST

Central European Distribution


has been bouncing off recent bottoms and trading in the $18-$24 range. These are over 30% short-term moves in a company that is 5.5 times December 2009 estimates in a business that should hold up relatively well during the recession ... the stock is under $19 again and traders (or investors) should take a look...

3. Airlines Come In but Could Then Rally

Dave Sterman
1/15/2009 9:55 a.m. EST

Barclays is out this morning with a note that neatly captures my read on the airlines. The group staged a strong rally but is being pulled down in the current selloff, even as oil prices move back down as well.

Barclays correctly points out that the group will post misleadingly weak numbers in the first quarter, due to fuel costs that reflect higher hedges, and industry seasonality. That could trigger selling by any investors not expecting to see tough first-quarter numbers. But the second quarter and beyond still look to be much stronger quarters, thanks to all those cost cuts and lower fuel prices. If the XAL moves back below $20, the strongest players deserve a fresh look.

4. Citigroup/Bank of America

Jim Cramer
1/15/2009 8:53 a.m. EST

It is quite obvious to all that the traders have decided to break

Bank of America

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(C) - Get Report

. I dont know how they can be stopped. There is no reason to own the common stocks, and neither can be bought -- unless they are merged by force because of their small common-stock capitalization. I believe that both have the capacity now to become


zombies, or a

General Motors

(GM) - Get Report

zombie. These zombies don't go out of business; their common stocks they become these little calls. The question for me is,


own them?

5. More Estimate Cuts at Disney

Steve Birenberg
1/15/2009 8:50 AM EST

Deutsche Bank and Citigroup cut estimates today on


(DIS) - Get Report

. DB went to $1.75 and Citi to $1.90. The DB number may be low on the Street. This follows cuts by Morgan Stanley yesterday. Consensus for fiscal year 2009 ending September is heading toward $1.90.

Disney shares are down six days in a row, giving up 16% from their recovery high. I think more downside lies ahead as the premium multiple relative to peers' contracts.

Position: No position in stocks mentioned.

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