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I'm just finishing my medical residence and was offered an incredible fellowship at a renowned hospital in LA. My entire family lives in NYC and I'm torn as this fellowship will ask me to create a life on the West coast. I cannot turn this opportunity down and my family is encouraging me to go. I'm just so freaked. Any advice welcomed. Thanks man!


Anxiety generally accompanies a bold move to foreign terrain. To decrease these very normal feelings, let's look at this from a perspective of strength.

1. Be proud of yourself.

Having been offered an "incredible fellowship" is a direct indication that hard work has been justifiably rewarded. Shift your present focus from anxiety to gratitude.

Remember you did not get to this position overnight. You no doubt overcame similar doubts in navigating other professional challenges. Yet you have succeeded in overcoming them. This will not be different. Moreover, you have excelled and deserve to feel proud of this accomplishment

2. Embrace a deeper professional commitment.

In leaving your home state and what is familiar to you, you're making a choice to prioritize professional needs. As you begin to take on opportunities presented by this fellowship, focus on looking forward to challenging academic/medical endeavors and being immersed in an environment of prestige and influence.

3. Fear of leaving loved ones is accepted and expected.

Nothing comforts us like our loved ones; family, friends, long-time mentors. The move will be an obvious emotional adjustment. Remember that although you may not see those beloved people everyday, or even on a frequent basis, fear not. Their unconditional support and shared life lessons travel with you. They will continue to serve you well.

4. Moving doesn't have to be permanent.

Your loving network is just a plane ride away. You will visit, they will visit. Your career/personal life may have you returning to New York in the future. The Big Apple has a funny way of drawing us all back in!

5. "Freaked" makes sense.

However, it is only temporary. Brave acts last a lifetime. They become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Over the course of a lifetime, one act of courage encourages another.

Go west young man and enjoy your life!

Just don't you dare become a Lakers fan.

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