Battleground: the brokers. I love it. The numbers are too high here because business has dried up. But if we get some softer numbers, these stocks are heavily-shorted and off to the races.

We were

short a bunch of them yesterday when we lucked into that very downbeat Heard on the Street column. I figured, what the heck, a gift from the

Dow Jones


folk -- take it where you can get it -- and I brought them all in. Now some of them are ramping back. Do I put them out again, or do I run the risk of getting my head handed to me by a cooler

producer price index number tomorrow?

I am opting not to rebuild these shorts because I sense the old short-selling gang-tackle. That's when every Joe Blow hedge fund/swingtrader/amateur has

puts and shorts on a group and you get some good data. I see it also in



, which is massively shorted.

I sense a trap about to be sprung. I don't want be near those bleeding kodiaks as they drag those razor sharp ankle manacles around the forest. They will probably be pretty pissed off and be willing to grab any stock they can.

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