Time to Pocket Your E*Trade Profit

Its downtrend line likely thwarted its recent pop. Plus, a look at the Nasdaq, J.P. Morgan and more.
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I received a few emails before noon Thursday wondering if we were witnessing


breakout. My response was always the same: "Maybe, but let's see how we close."

Why so cautious? Over the years, I've found trendlines and resistance lines to be a hardy bunch. They just don't give in quite as easily as you'd think, and they normally take at least two or three attempts to burst through. Thursday? A great example, as intraday we reversed and closed -- annoyingly, for the bulls -- just under the downtrend line.

That's something to keep in the back of your mind the next time you think talk of resistance and trendlines is just meaningless chatter.

Today, the



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