Predictions are the name of the game. When a team picks a new player or is considering keeping existing players, the front office and coaches try to gather as much information as possible and make an informed decision.

Keep in mind, sports is a business and players are investments. While championships are won on the field by the players, evaluating talent is key.

It's pretty much the same when picking stocks. You need to know what are the key things to look for and what warning signs should send you running for the hills. And, when picking a player or a stock, you always want the opportunity for a lot of upside.

To me, my old team, the Raiders, have a lot of upside. However, it may take a little while to realize it. I believe they are at least two years away from being a competitive football team!

Darren McFadden is the real deal! The Arkansas running back was drafted fourth overall in this year's NFL amateur draft. He should expedite the Silver and Black's return to greatness.

The team's problem is

no leadership

or experience on the field or in the locker room. A team can be competitive with just one of those elements, but the Raiders are yet to find either.

It's extremely hard for a young player to lead an NFL team. It can be done, but great Raiders teams of the past have been built on veteran players. The team's history reeks of veteran greatness. So the problem of no leadership -- a lack of veteran players -- can be fixed with time. We often say the best thing about a rookie was he became a second-year player!!

The Raiders will have to bide their time until their young players mature, while at the same time hoping they don't get caught up in the world of the NFL or, even worst, don't make the successful transition from college to the NFL and then have to be replaced.

For example, if JaMarcus Russell does not mature, the setback for the Raiders will be monumental! Russell, a quarterback, was picked first overall in last year's draft.

Today, I'm going to share with you a stock of a company that I think is not only talented, but has a lot of upside and will take you to the promised land:


(INTC) - Get Report

. In late January, the stock got smacked all the way down to $19 a share.

It rallied and ran all the way up to $25 in May. Now, it's back down near the low end of its 52-week range ($18.05-$27.99). It was recently trading near $20.40. At that price, I love this pick.

That $19 level is important. The stock bottomed out right around there in April 2007 before bouncing back up. It also bottomed there in October 2006. It seems to not want to drop below that level.

And looking at the company's balance sheet, Intel looks solid. It has $39 billion in revenue and a profit margin of 17.3%. It has $13.3 billion in operating cash flow and $13.7 billion in total cash.

The company is stable and dominates the microchip universe. The chipmakers may be going through a rough patch, but remember, we're going long. The sector just needs some time to come around.

Keep moving the chains!

At the time of publication, Brown had no positions in stocks mentioned, although positions may change at any time.

Tim Brown played 16 seasons in the NFL, where he made nine Pro Bowls. After a brief stint with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2004, Brown retired as an Oakland Raider. He was a Heisman Trophy winner in college for Notre Dame.