Tim Brown: Honeywell Still Sweet

The company has taken its lumps lately but is built to weather tough spots in the economy.
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Brett Favre is a legend and deserves the right to go out the way he wants. Wait a minute, he did retire the way he wanted!

For Favre to now want to come back in the league I believe is unfair to the Packers organization and his former teammates. At least now, in the last day or so, he has let it be known that he wants back on the gridiron, but he doesn't feel he is welcome in Green Bay. He wants the starting job. He also wants his release from the Packers.

That's saying a lot considering he spent all but his rookie season playing at Lambeau Field. He was a Falcon for one year.

He's Brett Favre, so everybody has to say the right thing. He has won three MVP awards, led the Packers to two Super Bowls (one victory). He has the most touchdown passes in the league's history as well as the most passing yards. And he is one of the most recognizable faces the sport has known.

Any other player would have been told to take a hike by now, but he's Brett Favre. There are details emerging, and Favre is claiming he was forced to retire by Green Bay's front office. If so, that's a shame because he has meant a lot to that franchise and that city and their fans. If not, Favre should ride off into the sunset.

Either way, any player who plays a significant amount of time in the NFL will have a tough time adjusting to life after football. Believe me, I know. But, you just have to keep telling yourself: "It's OK, I chose to retire." Eventually it will sink in.

I don't think Brett gave himself enough time to let the 'R' word sink in. As far as I can remember, a return to the game for a retired legend has not worked out. The late Reggie White is the last to come to mind. The worst part of this whole ordeal is maybe his efforts to return to the game will somehow damage his legendary status.

And for any organization, it's important to have focus on the field and keep distractions to a minimum. You want to go after your goal and know who is on your team.

One company I want on my team is


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. The sector it operates in is getting absolutely killed this morning. Last check, the stock was off nearly 5% in early trading.

Honeywell International is a worldwide diversified technology and manufacturing company. It operated in four segments: aerospace, automation and control solutions, specialty materials and transportation systems.

The aerospace sector has been getting beat down this morning, and the stock was trading at around $46.75 recently. This company was higher than $62 a share as recently as mid-May but has lost a lot of ground since. It's lost more than 20% of its value in the last year.

Historically, the stock has pretty much climbed steadily in the last five years from a point well below $30, with the exception of the most recent dive.

But if you look at its balance sheet, you have to like some of those stats. It's got a return on equity (ROE) of more than 27%, with a forward price-to-earnings ratio of 10.9. It operating cash flow is $4.05 billion, while its cash is at $2.23 billion. Revenue stands at $35.44 billion.

This is a big-time company that is not going anywhere anytime soon. It operates in a sector that tends to weather downturns fairly well, and it is trading at such a discount, I feel this company is not yet ready to call it quits.

Keep moving the chains!

At the time of publication, Brown had no positions in stocks mentioned, although positions may change at any time.

Tim Brown played 16 seasons in the NFL, where he made nine Pro Bowls. After a brief stint with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2004, Brown retired as an Oakland Raider. He was a Heisman Trophy winner in college for Notre Dame.