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, the first sponsor to sever its ties with

Tiger Woods

since his car crash last month, has been busy eradicating all visible traces of its history with the disgraced golfer after their breakup.

Accenture, a leading management consulting and technology services firm, announced its break up with Tiger Woods on Sunday, after he announced his decision on Friday to take an indefinite leave from golf. Just hours later, Tiger's face was replaced by that of an anonymous skier on Accenture's Web site, according to

The New York Times.

By Monday afternoon, workers had finished sweeping its New York office clean of Woods posters, the paper says. Then the next day, all marketing and communications employees were asked to turn in any posters and other branded merchandise marked by Woods' identity. However, its 177,000 employees worldwide weren't expected to throw out their Tiger Woods caps, T-shirts and collectibles.

Accenture's goal to completely eradicate all traces of Woods from its corporate identity isn't an easy task. For on thing, Accenture spent $50 million on advertising in the U.S. last year, according to the paper, and Woods appeared in 83% of them. So removing him from its consciousness will require much more than just tossing out posters and Woods merchandise.

Even so, Accenture seems to be handling the breakup with efficiency. For example, it has already emailed its staff on Tuesday asking them to take out anything Tiger Woods related from their sales pitches and slideshows and is also already putting together a new ad campaign, according to

The Times.

On Thursday


reported that Accenture expects to see no financial impact from re-branding after ending its relationship with Woods.

Throughout all the drama surrounding Woods and his philandering,


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Electronic Arts


have thrown their support behind the star athelete.


Golf Digest

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, where Woods is a contributing editor, says it doesn't have any plans to discontinue its contract with him.

Other Woods sponsors are currently either distancing themselves from him or being somewhat guarded about revealing the nature of their talks. For example,


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, whose Gatorade division recently dropped its Tiger Woods line of sports drinks, says that it is in talks with Woods representatives, without disclosing the nature of those talks. Also,

Procter & Gamble's

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Gillette division says that it will limit Tiger Woods' presence in their ad campaigns.


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is also evaluating its advertising relationship with him.

-- Reported by Andrea Tse in New York

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