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Thursday's Top 10 Political Blogs

<I>'s</I> political correspondent rounds up the top posts from political bloggers.
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Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee's popularity has been soaring. Polls in Iowa have him statistically tied for the lead with Mitt Romney, and new national polls show him challenging Rudy Giuliani. But greater interest in his candidacy will also lead to greater scrutiny of his record. The blogosphere has gotten to work on revealing his past.


Murray Waas at The Huffington Post has a scoop on the details of Huckabee's involvement in the release of a serial rapist while governor. Wayne Drumond will be the Willie Horton of 2008.

Jim Geraghty gives us an overview of Huckabee's foreign-policy statements. Huckabee came under fire yesterday for not knowing the contents of the recently released National Intelligence Estimate.

David Domke thinks Romney is no Jack Kennedy. Today Romney addressed his Mormon faith in a major speech, and Domke notes the environment has totally changed. The importance of religion in politics has risen dramatically in the last 27 years. It received little attention before 1980 and Ronald Reagan.

Andrew Sullivan gets to say "I told you so." He sees the rise of Huckabee as the obvious evolution of conservatism following the "Rovian" politics of big government and sectarian battles.

Captain Ed gives us a behind-the-scenes look at what has happened between conservative bloggers and the administration. He discusses Dan Bartlett's recent interview in

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Elliot Petty at reports on a story that will have Ron Paul supporters talking. It seems that a Republican straw poll was modified to try to reduce Paul supporters' impact on the outcome. Do we have another conspiracy on our hands?


Ezra Klein continues his struggle to explain to people why universality has to be part of any health reform. Barack Obama supporters have attacked Klein because he criticizes the Illinois senator's failure to mandate universality.

Hugh Hewitt seems like the last person who would come to Hillary Clinton's defense. But he did just that, saying we should ignore the story about a volunteer in her campaign forwarding dirt on Obama.


Thinkprogress weighs in on Dick Cheney's latest prediction: Iraq will be a real democracy by January 2009. For those of you keeping score, the only time Cheney has been on target is when he shot his hunting buddy.

Steven Benen at wonders some more about the National Intelligence Estimate. New reports have been coming out about what President Bush knew and when.