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The blogosphere's lit up with speculation about the ramifications of Pat Robertson endorsing Rudy Giuliani. Is this just the beginning of social conservatives starting to line up behind Giuliani? I can't imagine that would happen. It could cause internal dissension in many of the Christian conservative organizations. This is whathappened to the Christian Coalition following scandals involving Ralph Reed and his ties to Jack Abramoff.


Jim Geraghty has Gary Bauer's reaction to Pat Robertson's endorsement of Giuliani. It's amazing to see how splintered the social conservatives are on candidates -- it's a microcosm of the GOP itself.

The National Journal's

Hotline also has two takes on the Robertson endorsement. It doesn't help Giuliani in the early states, which could be a problem. Giuliani might not win any primary until end of January with Florida.

Digby predicted in March that social conservatives would fall in line behind the winning candidate. He thinks the large groups are run by a bunch of phonies. Many social conservatives have organized around antiabortion issues. Will this hurt many big organizations if they support Giuliani?

Erick at has some advice for Fred Thompson, and Thompson needs it. He has to stop some of the bleeding and get some of the social conservatives to endorse him.


Taylor Marsh looks at the soap opera the Democrats are running in Iowa. A new poll has Hillary Clinton in the lead, Barack Obama a close second and John Edwards tanking. Nobody can figure out why Edwards went negative, in particular because it doesn't play well in Iowa. Marsh has some juicy speculation about Edwards adviser Joe Trippi.

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TheStreet Recommends

DemFromCT at Dailykos loves a new poll suggesting that the public supports Democratic policies. I guess this isn't a surprise considering President Bush's ratings are lower than Richard Nixon's.


Andrew Sullivan blogs on the passage of the Equal Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which offers workplace protection to gays and lesbians, with video of Rep. Barney Frank's statement. I can't imagine Bush not vetoing it.

Jane Hamsher at is having a hard time keeping her food down thinking about Regnery Publishing not paying royalties it owes its authors. Regnery is a prominent conservative publishing house that has spawned a variety of

New York Times

bestsellers from authors like Bay Buchanan and Ann Coulter.

Juan Cole publishes a guest editorial from a prominent Pakistani attorney, Shahin. M. Cole. Pakistanis who are interested in democracy wonder whether Bush will support them or stand by and watch.

Captain Ed takes a more nuanced view of Pakistan. Herealizes Bush finds himself in a tough spot -- support a dictator or risk harder-line Islamists getting control of the country. I think Captain Ed misses the fact that Benazir Bhutto might help stabilize the country.