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Thursday's Top 10 Political Blogs

<I>'s</I> political correspondent rounds up the day's top posts from the blogosphere.
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The members of the press have continued to discuss Hillary Clinton's debate performance. I've commented on what a joke Tim Russert has been, and others are also noticing. Russert should moderate, not become part of the debate or act like a referee deciding a game.


Taylor Marsh notes that Russert and the boys piled up on Hillary Clinton in Tuesday's debate. Russert gave Barack Obama two softball questions, one being particularly tough: "What will you wear for Halloween?" Russert asked Clinton 14 questions, with five directly targeting her. Could Obama or John Edwards handle this degree of questioning?

John Cole looks at Clinton's answer on illegal immigration and driver's licenses and says it's not so scary. He includes video of the exchange. Take a look for yourself and decide.

Matt Lewis at also has a take on Clinton's performance. He asks a couple of Republican strategists what they thought of her in the debate.


Steve Clemons has an early release of a private letter from Sen. Chuck Hagel (R., Neb.) to President Bush. He implores Bush to use diplomacy with Iran.

Jonathan Martin covers the Mitt Romney-Fred Thompson spat over immigration. Thompson found a

Boston Globe

interview where Romney decides immigration reform is reasonable.


Ron Rosenbaum at Pajamasmedia heard that the

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TheStreet Recommends

L.A. Times

is sitting on a sex scandal story that could rock the presidential election. I wonder if this is the Edwards

filmmaker story?

Jane Smiley, writing at the Huffington Post, knows why Michael Mukasey has hedged on calling waterboarding torture. The Bush administration fears that breaking this law could lead all the way to the top. Waterboarding is torture.

Captain Ed has also come to the opinion, which John McCain has been expressing all along, that waterboarding is torture. An expert definitely says it's not simulated drowning -- it's drowning, and it can kill you if not done properly.

Dean Baker wonders why David Broder and the

Washington Post

are making up statistics on Social Security's demise. Broder was off by a pretty big number.

Michael Yon reports that Al-Qaeda in Iraq is dead. This news comes from the Iraqi Islamic Party. If this is true, why aren't we leaving? I will let everyone draw their own conclusions.