Today we have a cornucopia of topics. I was surprised to find Captain's Quarters with a post on the Bush administration's spending -- yes it is worse than LBJ's. It somehow broke through all the right-wing coverage of the Scott Beauchamp controversy.


Ben Smith of reports that a new progressive group has formed to stop Hillary Clinton from winning the nomination. She hasn't gotten a pass from all Dems yet.

Marc Ambinder delves into whether Clinton's staff addition in Iowa -- about 100 new people -- will help or hurt in the caucus. The whole caucus system is mighty strange.

David Brody at CBN has a video post with a group of ministers in South Carolina who support Clinton. They discuss faith and what they might be able to do to help her campaign.


Captain Ed highlights the new report that analyzes spending under President Bush. It seems that Bush has been a more profligate spender than even Lyndon B. Johnson.

Ramesh Ponnuru tries to make, yet again, a case for John McCain to win. I think McCain is toast. But Ponnuru suggests McCain should pledge to run for one term and turn that into a successful issue.

TheStreet Recommends

Think Progress notes that every Republican failed to attend a House hearing on the cost of the war in Iraq. It seems hypocritical to vote against kids' health care and not care that billions of dollars are being wasted in Iraq (i.e., weapons missing and billions unaccounted for by the Department of Defense and the State Department).


McJoan at Dailykos wants to know what

Frank Church would do. She sees similarities with the '70s and wishes someone like Sen. Church would stand up and investigate.

Joe Klein at Swampland supposes the GOP will use anti-immigration sentiment as a hole card in the 2008 election. It was effective in a recent race for Congress and could be repeated.

Michelle Malkin writes everything you might ever want to know about the Scott Beauchamp controversy and

The New Republic

. Right-wing bloggers love this issue, maybe a little too much.