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Playing global warming, and why pricey oil will make us thin.
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Long/short hedge fund Zetta Capital shares its

entire portfolio

, longs and shorts, and why.

Venture capitalist and former Netscape General Manager Jeremy Liew gives his

consumer Internet predictions for 2007


Creative post of the day: Here are all the stocks for companies that pay their CEO's

$1 a year

. And it's a pretty solid group.

Freeway Capital likes the only publicly traded company that trades

carbon credits

. Perhaps the only pure play on global warming.

10Q Detective is wondering whether


(SIRI) - Get Report

should just

reverse stock split


Alt Energy Stocks gives the lowdown on

the future of alternative fuels




extends its string of A+ micro-acquisitions. First and flickr. Now


. Incidentally, if you check out MyBlogLog,

add me as a contact


Crossing Wall Street presents a graphical description of how well


have done vs. every other category.

If you've ever wanted to own your own


, ET Stock Ideas has found an amazing public company for you:

Willamette Valley Vineyard

(WVVI) - Get Report

. And here is

ET's portfolio

of longs, shorts, and the reason for each pick.

Freakonomics has an interesting theory about how the high price of oil will

make Americans skinnier


And along those lines, here's the master list of all

ethanol-related stocks

that one can use to play that theory.

Wow, I had no idea infamous analyst Henry "


(AMZN) - Get Report

to 400" Blodget

has a book out



has to be the dumbest experiment I've ever read about.

Please also check out my article this morning on the

S&P Dividend Aristocrats

-- the high-yielding

S&P 500

stocks that also stand out fundamentally from their peers.

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