Those Poor Nondot-com Execs

The merger-and-acquisition game isn't any fun if you're not a dot-com.
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The merger-and-acquisition game must be killing these nondot-com execs. Just killing them.

Jeff Berkowitz

, my partner, was just commenting to me how rough it must be for


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, a company with earnings, to make a very compatible acquisition,



, and then watch its stock just get laid to waste.

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makes some acquisition that is complimentary and the stock can't even catch its breath. I felt the same way about


this morning. I saw they did an acquisition of some dot-com and I didn't even sweat it. Companies with no earnings that merge with other companies with no earnings are pure 2+2 is $40 in this market. It allows for target boosts, and stock splits and euphoria. I love it!

But a well-run company with earnings that acquires an underperformer with slow earnings with an eye toward turning it around? That's 2+2 =$3. A house of pain. How much longer will the free pass last? Man, am I sick of that question. With stocks like Verisign gaining more points in two days than a REIT will see in a lifetime, why ask?

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: The value boys are in there slugging me big time today about an overemphasis of the

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Mike Barrett

tells me that I am doing everybody a disservice by recommending hot stocks at the high, and that I am a pure momentum player. Hey, wait a second. What does that make


? A fraud?

And let's make two points: I don't recommend stocks, as a broker does, and if you think I was late to the Red Hots, then what are they doing up so much since I first wrote about them? I tried to be nice in response and said let's just drop it, but no, he has to insult me a second time. Ain't you ever read

A Christmas Carol

, Mike? You are


to hit me with this stuff now. Some other guy,


, suggests that maybe I was pumping and dumping (federal crime by the way), with that list of potential draftees I printed last night. Hey, before you lynch me, I didn't even own any of the stocks! Now there is a charge that gets my blood boiling! I think you have to buy them


you can dump them. And I don't do that either. No winning in this game sometimes. Suffice it to say, I will now only write about stocks I know nothing about and don't intend to own or short and will be sure these are stocks that barely move, that represent great value and are solid long-term holdings.


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