Those Ailing Aisles

The Procter & Gamble news is a license to downgrade everything you buy in the supermarket, Cramer fears.
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It sure would help if oil weren't up another 35 cents after this

Procter & Gamble

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news. Surprised that P&G is down 28 points? I wouldn't be. This was the conference call from hell. Analysts' heads were spinning. I can't believe they took so long to downgrade the darn thing.

Not only that, but look at what the reaper has wrought away from P&G. We shorted some


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on the P&G situation but covered it when the market brought that one down. But anybody who packages anything from cereal to soft drinks is similarly vulnerable.

The tough thing about all of this is that it will only accentuate the rush to the


! P&G was not cheap.


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is not cheap.


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is not cheap.


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is not cheap.


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is not cheap.

All of these companies were driven up during the great


index boom. That's who owns these things in spades. And they don't know how to sell.

Unlikely that they will get much new money in, either. Sorry I can't be more sanguine, but my head is reeling from that P&G call.

It was a license to downgrade everything you buy in the supermarket.

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