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Editor's note: This column is an update of a portion of the "Mad Money" episode that aired June 16. Click here to read the full Mad Money Recap for that episode.

It's time for me to give you the game plan for the week. We are doing this every week because I want you prepared to try to make some moolah on Mondays.

I want you to think about more than just specific stocks. We need to be strategic all the time, or we will not make money. Since Joe Torre's suspended for a game, you're gonna listen to coach Cramer.

I've got a three-part game plan for this week. It's a three-pronged strategy, and believe me, it is not hard to understand. This isn't

Carl von Clausewitz, it's not Sun Tzu -- this is

Yogi Berra-level, easy-to-grasp, might-sound-stupid-but-still-should-make-you-money stuff.

Your first order of business: What to buy? Even after the two-day rally that closed last week, I still think the market is oversold, so you're safe stepping out into the fray and picking up some stocks. Right now we're approaching the end of a quarter. Write this down because it's important.

All the hedge funds, mutual funds especially, are forced to play this idiotic game where they have to reveal what they own at the end of the quarter. Investors in these funds want to see that the funds own performers. These investors aren't looking for value, they're looking for stocks that have had recent good news, that have gone up a bit recently.

If the fund guys don't show that they own these companies, then people start pulling money out, so the funds have to play this game. The game is stupid, but you can profit from it. As we approach the end of the quarter -- I'm talking throughout next week -- you buy the stocks that have recently reported good news.

Who am I talking about?

Bear Stearns

( BSC) just reported a good quarter. The funds will have to buy that up; you can pick some up first.

Best Buy

(BBY) - Get Best Buy Co. Inc. Report

had a strong quarter.

Goldman Sachs

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(GS) - Get Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (The) Report

, my alma mater is in the same boat.


(CAT) - Get Caterpillar Inc. Report

, their CEO just made some very bullish comments at the annual meeting. That'd be another strong stock that the funds will want to show that they own. If you own it first, you make money as these funds sloppily buy shares to show their investors that they're in hot stuff.

I know I always tell you to buy weakness and sell strength. In this case, we're buying strength, but that's OK because we have a good reason, and we can expect more strength. You don't have to jump all over these Monday. Do your research and build positions over the course of the week, OK? That way you game the funds and make money.

That's our first play. The second play is also easy. If you made a ton of money in last Thursday's monster rally, if you made, dare I say,

too much

money, then you my friend are not diversificated enough. Thursday's rally didn't really include the kind of defensive stocks that you still should have a decent amount of exposure to. If everything you owned was making tons of money Thursday, sell something and go back to the supermarket.

I like


( RAH), I like

General Mills

(GIS) - Get General Mills Inc. Report

-- which was down Friday on a downgrade so you can buy that weakness -- I adore


(PEP) - Get PepsiCo Inc. Report

, and I'd even embrace

VF Corp.

(VFC) - Get V.F. Corporation Report

because it just got a smart upgrade.

You do that and you'll be

diversified, you'll earn yourself a free lunch.

Finally, third play: Whose earnings are we looking for this week? It's always risky to buy a stock ahead of earnings and bet on a good number, but if you're a risk junkie, then I think

Bed Bath & Beyond

(BBBY) - Get Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. Report

could report a good quarter Wednesday.


(FDX) - Get FedEx Corporation Report

also reports Wednesday, and I think that number could be good, too.

But remember, you don't bet on earnings unless you have a lot of conviction and love risk. If you're more conservative, and these companies report good numbers, you can pick them up afterward in the expectation that the fund guys will be forced to buy them to show their clients that they own smart, sexy names. That's just like what we're doing with our first play.

Bottom line: Buy stocks with recent good news like Bear Stearns, Goldman Sachs, Best Buy and Caterpillar; stay diversified with some defensive names, too; and if you feel lucky, bet on the quarter from Bed Bath & Beyond or FedEx.

At the time of publication, Cramer had no positions in the stocks mentioned.

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