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This Week on TSC TV

What's an ETF, how to short, Altucher, semiconductors and The Five Dumbest Things.
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Each day we feature breaking news, exclusive interviews and unique investing insights on TV. This weekend we're adding our editor's choice of the videos of the week to "TSC Weekend" in case you missed any of these great video segments.

StreetSmarts: What's an ETF?

Watch Farnoosh Torabi pound the pavement to find the answer.

Wall St. Confidential: Cramer Explains Shorting

See Jim Cramer detail the best ways to short a stock.

How Barbara K Built Her Small-Biz Toolbox

Watch as Brittany Umar sits down with Barbara K to find out how she built her biz, and turned a line of tools for women into tools for success.

Cramer & Altucher: How Cramer Built His Business

Catch James Altucher and Cramer discussing how Jim built the customer base for his hedge fund and

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The Five Dumbest Things On Wall Street

Sit back and take in Colin Barr as he recaps The Five Dumbest Things On Wall Street This Week.