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This Too Shall Pass

This week's volatility will end, but what's going to replace it?

Yikes! It's a tricky market out there. And you had better be either very nimble or very patient. Count on one thing, though: This volatility will pass. It always passes. And then we'll either trend, or the market will be so darn dull, I'll be pulling my hair out.

And since I haven't looked at the market -- or is it markets, these days? -- in a while, I'll supplement today's column and Sunday's column with a look at the

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. Today, the first two.

OK, don't forget, our address is I'm here solely to answer your questions!

And now a few readers' letters that have drifted in since I got back from vacation.

Broken or Shaken?

Gary: I'm having trouble telling if Internet Capital Group (ICGE) has broken support or is just experiencing a normal shake-out. Jim Falletta

Should Biologist Bet His Biopharm?

Gary: My arcade ride has been Geron (GERN) - Get Report. I bought shares of this stock at a very low price of 9 to 11 last year. The company has tremendous long-term potential. I'm a science guy and understand these things. Now, as a biologist, I don't have a lot of money. I picked up as much as I could at 9 to 11, then it started to move up. My problem is that it burped up on March 10, opened 7 lower on March 13 and crashed another 12 on March 14. I'm still long on this stock and view it as a legacy. Is there something in the charts that indicated this, or is it just one of those things? I'm looking for some direction here. George Pringle

Downtown Express?

Gary: Can you take a peek at FedEx (FDX) - Get Report? It's descent is like a reverse wedge, widening as it goes down. What does this usually mean? Bruce Lulla

Price Check on

Gary: I'd love to see a new chart on (PCLN) . I sold at 85 with a very nice profit. Now the question: Should I buy again and wait for another rise? What does the chart say? Joanne Matejov

Charting TriQuint

Gary: I picked up TriQuint Semiconductor (TQNT) at 88 yesterday. Could you take a look at the chart? Collin Morrow

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