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Things To Do: Fix Greece, Pick Up Dry Cleaning ...

I've got to pick up my dry cleaning this week, Greece has to be fixed and I have to get China to loosen its currency restrictions.

Things to do this week:

  • 1. Fix Greece. Nobody can have any fun until they break out the Ouzo. Perhaps Goldman Sachs can help, since they made so much money betting on the bazoukis to fail.
  • 2. Pick up dry cleaning.
  • 3. Get media to declare the recession is over. No, it's not over, but if they say it is at least they'll be doing something constructive.
  • 4. Requisition dumpster. Clean out credenza.
  • 5. Pay federal income tax.
  • 6. Pay New York state income tax.
  • 7. Pay hefty N.Y. city tax, with an additional hit for living in the city itself.
  • 8. Pay N.Y City (state?) commuter tax even though I don't commute, since I live in the city (see No. 7).
  • 9. Pay assorted taxes associated with running an unincorporated business (i.e. blog).
  • 10. Get China to loosen restrictions on its currency.
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