Things Move Fast in the B2B World

Matt Jacobs surpasses Cramer in the business-to-business rotisserie in just one session. Also, Cramer has an epiphany.
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business-to-business rotisserie league reminds me of some wild southern college football game where, if you blink, you miss three touchdowns. In one session, one trading session,

Matt "BeFree" (BFRE) Jacobs

has passed me! One session. He has stocks that are up a boatload.

First, there is


(BVSN) - Get Report

. This one was whupped by a downgrade by


and I figured he had picked up a real dog. Now Broadvision is turning that Nov. 30 downgrade into, you guessed it, a buying opportunity!

These stocks have a phenomenal habit of making any naysayer seem hopelessly out of touch.


(S) - Get Report

now piles on the BroadVision move, giving it added impetus. Then there is



, which last I looked, seemed like it was rolling over. In the 70s, this stock was hanging on by a fingernail. Now it is at the top of Everest doing a jig! And then there is

Internet Capital Group


. Make me puke: This is up 61% since Matt picked it!



In the meantime, my stocks are hardly running in place. But their couple-of-percent gain can't keep up with Matt's vault. How much further can these go? Judging by the visceral anti-B2B mail I am getting about how the train is about to crash, I would say, a heck of a lot longer.

Random musings

: This morning my


had a thick-as-a-brick ad section for "Epiphany." When I saw it I knew I would have a winner in



, and sure enough it is up 24 points. The only problem is that the ad was for


(IBM) - Get Report

, not E.piphany. IBM's ad firm had just appropriated the name. Hey, made 20 points anyway.

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