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Microsoft makes its debut on the Power Stock top ten.

During the week of Jan. 21, readers searched for these 10 stocks more than any others, including first-time entrant Microsoft (MSFT) . Research associate Patrick Schultz makes the buy, sell or hold call on them below, in the order of their popularity.

Top 10 Most Searched Stocks on, January 28

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: Heartbreak city for the Apple bulls. After many quarters of easy money on the long side, the upside momentum fell flat on its face. The bigger and more important question: What now? I like the stock at these lower prices. This is your opportunity to buy one of the most innovative, cutting-edge and respected companies on Earth for 20 times earnings. I would buy some here and add into further weakness. --



Bank of America


: The


needs to continue cutting rates for the financials to work higher. If the financials start getting the Fed at their back (and that is a big if), we could see a nice lift in this name. --





: The stock rallied on the heels of the interest rate cut, but this problem child of the financials still has its work cut out. As I said last week, I want to focus on the positives in this name moving forward, and resist the easy temptation to lambast the awful decision making of their past. The stock is already down huge, but I would wait for shares to trade under $24 before jumping in. --





: We have not heard for quite some time from Mr. Google as the stock was not immune to the market drubbing. It is down 25% since its October high. The company reports earnings this Thursday after the close, and I expect a strong fourth-quarter report, led by strong ad spending (seasonally strong period) and continued market share take in search. --



Sirius Satellite


: Another week, another loop in the holding pattern as we all continue to wait for merger approval news. (Hello, Congress? Anybody home?) --





: Ever been in a fight and lose? Here is a great example of a company that is getting its lunch money taken, in this case by



. MOT reported awful numbers last Wednesday followed by stellar numbers from Nokia. Stick with the winner. Buy NOK. Sell MOT. --





: The poster child stock for defensive stocks. When markets are crazy, institutions flock to safety. MO is on the top of the buy list when times get tough. --





: I was dazzled by the strong numbers from Mister Softee. They reported strong demand from Vista and Office 2007. Further, the company raised guidance for 2008. It now sees earnings of $1.85 to $1.88 per share on revenue of $59.9 billion to $60.5 billion. What's not to like? --





: I would avoid this stock like the plague, takeover rumors or no. Most professional investors have no clue to what is on the books of this bond insurer, and if they do, I seriously doubt they have any idea to their value. I reiterate what I said last week: everything about the bond insurers is under scrutiny, including their ability to remain solvent. And there is the key word, solvency. Why would you want to get involved with any stock that has "solvency" as a primary concern? Why go down this potential road to ruin if you don't have to? --



E*Trade Financial


: Very tricky situation, as you are playing with fire. I have no doubt that Ken Griffin and the team at Citadel will make money off their deals with ETFC. The more important question is: Will you make money? I don't think so. --


Patrick Schultz is a research associate at In keeping with TSC's editorial policy, he doesn't own or short individual stocks. He also doesn't invest in hedge funds or other private investment partnerships. He has previously obtained Securities licenses under the NASD?s Series 7, Series 24, Series 52, and Series 63 exams and has worked in the financial markets on various trading desks in addition to trading for his own account. Schultz appreciates your feedback;

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