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Citigroup holders spent the holiday week seeking guidance for the new year. The guidance here is sell.

During the week of Dec. 24, readers searched for these 10 stocks more than any others. This week, new entrant Evergreen Solarundefined joins the list as investors sought information on what was driving its recent price action. Each week, research associate Patrick Schultz makes the Buy, Sell or Hold call on these stocks, in the order of their popularity.




: I am sure that all Citigroup shareholders are happy to be rid of 2007. However, the new year does not wipe the credit and mortgage slate clean. The same problems are staring Citigroup right in the face, and there is more bad news on the horizon as Wall Street is expecting the new leadership under Vikram Pandit to cut the dividend. I would studiously avoid this quagmire, ahem, I mean stock. --





: Apple. Apple. Apple. Say it. Scream it. Buy it. The company stands as one of the few winners of this recession-tinged holiday shopping season. --



CountryWide Financial


: Let's save ourselves a big headache and just avoid this one, OK? If you chase it, you are playing with fire. --



Sirius Satellite


: The stock has pulled back to the $3 level as traders were expecting an approval announcement on the XM merger before year-end. The delay gives a nice entry point right here, right now. --



Research In Motion


: All is well in the land of blackberries. The year 2007 was a great one for this tech stalwart, and while I would expect some "locking in" of profits by institutions this month (for tax reasons, investors sell losers in December and sell winners in January), use the weakness to your advantage. --



Evergreen Solar


: As the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats. Or in this case, the rising tide lifts all solar stocks. Evergreen had a nice run recently on the news of a 10-year polysilicon supply contract announcement with Silpro. The risk/reward scenario is not optimal at these price levels, and I would not add any new money to this name. But if the stock dipped under $16, I would be interested. --





: Last week, I said Garmin was a tough call in the near term. The GPS device maker is on track to have a monster quarter because of strong holiday sales, but in the long run, I think the fundamentals of their business model are flawed. I am not sure when, but this company is going to see a huge secular decline in demand as cheaper competing technologies vie for their market. --



National City


: Yes, the stock is down a lot, but don't be tempted to bottom fish here. The company just issued an 8-K filing saying it is seeing continued deterioration in credit markets. --



Washington Mutual


: The weekly appearance of this stock worries me. I don't think I can be any more forceful in my negative views. --



First Solar


: This alternative energy play put up gigantic 2007 returns, so I expect some profit-taking by institutions in early January. I have repeatedly said that FSLR is the best-of-breed for solar, but market mechanics would dictate some near-term pressure. Revisit this stock 20% lower. --