If you haven't checked out our stock-quote page lately, you should. We completely overhauled the page to make it easier than ever to see all key data at a glance.

Whether you are looking for a stock's price history, price-earnings ratio or want to know how a company's earnings compare with the industry average, it's all instantly accessible on a single screen. Take a look. Here's

a quote

for the most-searched stock on our site so far today,

General Electric


Finding our exclusive stock ratings from TheStreet.com's Ratings team, searching


filings and delving into the cash flow has never been easier.

With a single click, you can jump right to our advanced charting tools that let you compare performance using the benchmarks, time frames and chart styles you prefer.

We've also revamped our Latest Headlines and Premium Stock Ideas sections on the page to ensure the most relevant news and research are always on top.

This is one-stop shopping for all your stock research.


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