These Charts Will Stay Fresh Till the Last Sparkler Fizzles

So enjoy the Fourth, then check out Lucent, Glaxo Wellcome, C-Cube, Pfizer and more.
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Are you reading this on July 4? Shame on you! Get out, enjoy the festivities, grill some burgers and just kick back. And when you return, this column will still be here, fresh as ever.

But if your idea of kicking back is reading ol' Gar, well, then you are one sick puppy. Still, I'd die if it weren't for readers like you. So ... thanks!

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Cup Runneth Over

Gary, I am new at the technical analysis game. William O'Neil talks a lot about the cup-and-handle formation. Please take a look at the one-year chart of Boston Scientific (BSX) - Get Report. Is it a good formation or what? I am basically a fundamental investor who holds the positions for two to five years. I am looking for a good entry point in this equity. Is the time right? -- Dewat R. Chaudhry

Buy-and-Hold State of Mind

Gary, My mother is a buy-and-hold-and-hold investor. She bought Pfizer (PFE) - Get Report at 86 and watched it go to 150 and back down again without getting ruffled. I am trying to be more of an investor and less of a trader because I know it is a healthier and less stressful way to live ... or is it? -- Mary Watson


You raise an interesting point. Is it really less stressful to be an investor? Judging from the stereotype of the trader -- the "maniacal"


comes to mind -- vs. the stereotype of the serene

Warren Buffett

-type investor, one would certainly think so.

However, I think those stereotypes miss the mark. Speaking personally, it is


stressful for me to hold a position for any length of time. I'm just too concerned about the unknowns of tomorrow, especially if I'm sitting on fat profits today. So for me, it is actually less stressful to have high portfolio turnover, as I feel I'm taking less, not more, risk with my holdings.

For others, I'm sure, it is the exact opposite. Which all means one thing: Like many aspects of trading, what's really best is what suits your personality.

NMSS on the Mend

Gary, What's your take on Natural MicroSystems (NMSS) ? It has more than tripled since its low in April, and it made strong upside moves on big volume recently. Is there much upside left? -- Steve Chen

Hang On to MAVK

Gary, Would you take a look at Maverick Tube (MAVK) ? It had quite a run-up and now is just languishing. I have a large position. What is your take? I am having a problem reading the chart. -- Paul Fierberg

Patience Not Rewarded

Gary, I've held Quantum (QNTM) for about 1 1/2 years without making any money. With a purchase price of about 23, I'd like to see this stock get into the mid-30s. Do you see that happening any time soon? -- Rob Palumbo

This Bird Won't Fly

Gary, I would like to have your opinion on Gilat Satellite Networks (GILTF) . I am short on it. -- Giorgio Sandona

LU Looks Solid

Gary, What is your take on Lucent (LU) in this market, both short term and long term? -- Len Nathanson

CUBE Is Ready

Gary, The chart on C-Cube (CUBE) - Get Report looks like a classic cup and handle, with excellent volume confirmation. Overhead at 47. Am I missing something, or is this ready to pop? -- Jake Jacoby

You're Welcome

Gary, Is Glaxo Wellcome (GLX) completing a "W" now? What's beyond that? -- Yang He

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