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Over the short term, say less than two or three years, the job performance of a CEO may have little influence on the performance of a company's stock. For example, Jeff Immelt of

General Electric

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, Sam Palmisano of


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and Bob Nardelli of

Home Depot

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are new CEOs of companies with relatively rich stocks.

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Their stocks may underperform over the short term, but that doesn't mean there is a causal link between moves in their stock prices and their performance as CEOs. At each of these companies, there aren't a lot of valuation-enhancing levers to pull.

Over the long haul, though, the CEO's performance, principally in the area of capital allocation, has everything to do with the performance of the underlying equity. Over a period of many years, perhaps eight to 12 years on average, the typical CEO will allocate


of the company's capital. For this all-important function, most CEOs are ill-trained. CEOs generally come to the job with marketing and operational experience, not with capital-allocation experience.

In this column, I'll review a couple of CEOs who are "good to go" -- meaning that, based on their record of capital allocation, it would be good for shareholders if they went elsewhere.

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