The PC business is stabilizing!

But that's the property casualty business I'm talking about, not the personal computer business.

No matter how many times the analysts squawk about how


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is good, it doesn't seem to matter -- the sellers are still in force.

That's why I am focused on the property casualty business and the bullish presentation made by

American International Group

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last night about how insurance may be firming.

When tech is crummy, that doesn't mean we have to find which niche of tech works. I am not going to check into






when I can't check out of



and Dell. I am going to look at other areas.

With bonds firming, in part because the word is that the


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deal is fine since the company cut back the size of its offerings, I want to continue to look at things beyond tech.

For example, take the


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call. If Coke were to get clocked really hard, that might be a place to go.

Morgan Stanley

is bullish about


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-- that's another potential. In the meantime, I am going to keep trying to find an insurer that works, and I am not including


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, as I thought that Heard on the Street column this morning was a killer!

Of course, my fave area, the banks, continues to make all sorts of sense to me. As do the drugs. It doesn't have to be tech all day, every day. It can be other things, too.

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