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There Is No 'Next Cisco'

Cramer says you should never get off a winning horse.

You know who you don't want to be? ABC -- or Anybody But


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. This great networker once again proves that winners win and that the dumbest thing you can do with a winning stock, regardless of its price-to-earnings multiple, is sell it to find the next Cisco.

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doesn't pick it up -- I said that, as trite as it might be, I wanted to go with Cisco before the quarter.

I know it has sold off periodically ahead of the quarter. It has sold off periodically after the quarter. It has sold off periodically the day it reported and then rallied back.

But it was almost always higher a few months later, which is the real win. This time was one of those run-ups before, run-ups during and -- now it looks like -- run-ups after. It was right again.

The great propensity in this business, which is transaction-driven, is to make the customer get off the winning horse. Jockeys know better. So should you.

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