Making us work, huh? Just when we had decided that the year was over? No matter that it is thin, it still "feels" terrible and we are using wide scales to rebuild some positions that had become minuscule in the run-up.

We have tried to come up with some themes to the selling: Old net vs. new net. Net e-commerce turned out to be a joke. Revenge of bricks-and-mortar over sloppily executed net plays.


takes a holiday.

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But it is way too random for that.

JDS Uniphase


rallies because it splits.



rallies because it might split.

Commerce One


comes down because it already split? Seems kind of mindless and stupid.

The only thing substantive is that this



looks like it blew it. But why that should make me sell my



beats the heck out of me. So we aren't. We are buying.

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