The World Was Not Enough, You Wanted More

Ask and you shall receive: Bond trivia and charts, too. Today, Gary looks at Roslyn Bancorp, PetsMart, Texas Instruments and more.
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Here's my big news: By the time you read this, GBS should have 20/20 vision. That's right, ending my streak of 32 consecutive years of wearing glasses, contact lenses and assorted other vision paraphernalia, I'll actually be able to recognize my wife in the middle of the night.

Yep, bit the bullet and finally decided to get that Lazik thing. Surgery was Friday morning, and I was in and out in a painless 15 minutes.

There, now that should definitely give a lift to




In column news, many correct answers to my

Bond trivia question from last week. However, shame on me, as I grossly underestimated the Web resources. Either that, or there's a lot more

George Lazenby

fans than I figured on!

That's right, the title of the current Bond flick,

The World Is Not Enough

, is the Bond family motto, first revealed in a very quick scene from

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

. Now if you answered correctly, and even included the original Latin, well, my hat is off to you. Also, you're a big cheater!

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But enough trivia for now, let's get to the charts. As always, I can be found at, where if you send me a question and your full name, you join an esteemed list of 1,500 other people trying to get their favorite chart read each day! (That, my friends, is why flat-out flattery is very helpful.)

Good Movie, Grim Stock

Gary: We learn about the Bond family motto in the first non-Sean Connery installment of the series,

On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Bond shows his family crest to some women while stationed in the Swiss Alps. His crest displays his family's motto, "The World Is Not Enough." Could you review the technicals on Roslyn Bancorp (RSLN) ? John Belletti

Bottom-Fishing, Anyone?

Gary: Please chart the following three stocks for me and I promise to stop harassing you. Netro (NTRO) ; (TALK) and StarMedia Network (STRM) - Get Report. Mark Surber

C'mon, Mark, you've been around: one chart to a customer!

From the Canine Stock Department

Gary: Could you please give me your advice on PetsMart (PETM) ? What is your short- and long-term target? Olivier Columbo

Long, Tall Texan

Gary: The chart reading is a science, I'm convinced. I have a ways to go before understanding what I want to know. Please give me a reading on Texas Instruments (TXN) - Get Report. Jim Ousley

Y2K Means Down Day Is Coming

Gary: Could you give me a read on NetScout Systems (NTCT) - Get Report. Also, as a technician, are you planning any changes in your trading style for Y2K? Do you expect a selloff sometime between now and the New Year? Thanks, Jonathan Lachnit

Jonathan, I am not planning any big changes for Y2K. That said, I'm constantly tinkering with my method, especially in the area of money management.

As for a selloff between now and New Year's, I do expect there will be a big down day. Maybe a huge down day. Why? Oh, call it gut feel.

Upwardly Mobile

Gary: I know that at one time Ariba (ARBA) had about twice the market capitalization as Commerce One (CMRC) , but now Commerce One has run up over 330 while Ariba has stayed around 190 to 205. Could you compare the charts and see if it's time to leave the highflier for its competitor? Mark Kavanaugh

Mark, I'll give you ARBA today. CMRC and others, I tackle next week!

The Last Word

Gary: I was wondering if you could please post on the TSC boards or email me a list of journalists that you pay special attention to; you created such a list a year or so ago but I can't seem to find the article. Stefan Wallgren

Stefan, a good question to conclude with today. I did put together a list of

my favorite journalists about a year ago, but the focus was on who I thought were good writers and ranged from

Sports Illustrated's

Rick Reilly

to syndicated columnist

Dave Barry


I'm guessing, though, your question centers around who I pay attention to as a finance writer or market pundit.

And the truth? When it comes to my trading, I pay attention to no one. That's right, the only thing I care about are what the charts say. That's not to say I don't admire many writers in "the industry." Apart from


, which has depth as well as breadth, I think

Alan Sloan



is fantastic, and

Andy Serwer



is very entertaining.

But I'm at the point, whether good or bad, where I neither rely on nor get input from anyone. That style may not work for everyone, but for me, it's perfect.

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