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Meanwhile, back at the fundamental ranch ... Jeff Berkowitz and Matt "Dot-Com" Jacobs have been calling in from these tech conferences and the word is "smokin'"!

Forget the


and the sell programs like the one that hit at the bell yesterday. Business at these tech companies continues to be extraordinary, especially if they are abetting the dot-com industry.

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Message Boards. Those shorting tech because of a slowdown, a la






will get squeezed, given the tone of business so far this year.

Both guys keep calling in that revenues are well ahead of expectations for many of these stories. This is new, positive info and makes us more bullish about a group that has been knocked about quite a bit lately.

The hottest companies are in optical and wireless. They are even hotter than they were in quarter four. That's where they are urging us to increase our stakes. As many of these stocks have fallen in the past couple of weeks, I have no problem putting more money to work here.

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