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The Wednesday Afternoon Stalker Movie

Benign opening, then darkness, then redemption.
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The movie-of-the-week parallel to today's session can't be missed. Benign opening, rather quickly turning to a dark stalking serial Net killing theme, and then the last 20 minutes filled with redemption, punishment for the bears and ultimately a contract for 16 shows of the dramedy variety. (Thanks to

Kurt Andersen

for his incredible

Turn of the Century

book that I devoured last week -- more on that over the weekend.)

Yeah, this day had it all. My favorite was the moment of despair when



quote couldn't even be found, and

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was down 100 from its high. That was the moment when we thought the bull/hero was dead.

But there was never a body!

(And those drugs -- talk about countercyclical happy days!)

Another good call by Berko with his cover-the-DOT paper short. In 10 more years, who knows, maybe we will actually wager real money!

Got to scram. Science night at the elementary school. Got to get fired up. Gravity, laws of motion, what goes up must ... hmm ... must not cover this market.

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