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The War Over McKesson

Sometimes Cramer's ideas are met with his partner's raw anger.

I just got blowtorched. Seared. Pittsburghed. No, make that toasted. Burnt. My crime? I suggested in a meeting with my partner, Jeff Berkowitz, that we buy McKesson HBOC (MCK) - Get McKesson Corporation (MCK) Report.

Can you feel the heat through the Web? The raw anger from my partner. I thought that McKesson could be like

Waste Management


, a big hit of mine after the bad guys got broomed. I told Jeff that they have kicked everybody out, just like Waste when it bottomed.

Jeff countered that you have to wait for the other shoe to drop and that to get involved with this stock is simply playing with fire. "You have no idea what you are getting into.



traded down to 7 before it bottomed. McKesson hasn't seen anything yet."

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I countered that even if HBO was worthless, McKesson had some good businesses. But Jeff immediately said that


had great businesses. I decided to hold off. I said I would wait for McKesson to appoint a Mister Clean like Steve Miller, the non-rock star who saved Waste after its fall into the ethics dumpster.

He said fine.

Glad we made up. Going to the game with him tomorrow -- can't have too much bad will here. Gotta save that for the



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