is up 220 and we are getting crushed on our tech stocks, just crushed. Our first buys were hopeless, just hopeless and the collective pain is growing by the moment. Carnage on our screens on an up 225 day -- oh Lordy, say it ain't so.

The Dow is taunting us, just taunting us -- and as long as it goes up there can be no cessation to the pain, as no money is going toward tech.

We are waiting to commit any more capital, having been smoked on our first buys. And now knowing that the margin clerk will surface again we can't do anything but watch and wait for him to occur. We know now that these first buys were Wrong and, while we rejoice that they weren't bigger, we are angry that they were buys and not sells.

The value guy's revenge is being felt like a tightening noose with only the limit-up rule keeping it from going through the moon.

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