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The Talking Heads Are (All Together Now) 'Disappointed'

The trader imagines what they'll be saying on the business news tonight.
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TV copy for tonight's business news show:


"In what traders are calling an 'extremely disappointing' session, stocks disappointed in the extreme today after a brutal 4% decline the week before.

"Stocks started up strong, but gave up the ghost as interest rates rose sharply with the only bright spot being gold, which is extremely disappointing in itself."

Cut to the Floor Guy, with a little smirk, and a note of extreme disappointment in Anchor's voice.

Floor Guy:

"I'd agree, you'd have to call this session extremely disappointing. The close itself left traders shaking their heads in disappointment after last week's nightmarish declines. Disappointment in the extreme."

Throw it to the Nasdaq Guy.

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Nasdaq Guy:

"The action was disappointing, in fact, I would go as far as to say it was extremely disappointing. I know I spoke to a number of heads of major trading firms and, to quote them, frankly the mood was one of extreme disappointment. (

Back to the Anchor.


"Well, Joe, what was your take on this extremely disappointing session?"


"I don't know. The last I looked, the market finished up. But maybe I just don't know extreme disappointment when I see it."

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