The Smoke-Bomb Bonds

The flight to quality in the bonds is confusing the issue here because they're reacting to the downward spiral in the stocks.
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Here's that nasty last half-hour that, if it weren't for the curbs on the futures, we might have gotten close to our down-500 day. We are looking for that final washout, and the break in the futures seems to keep it from happening.

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Message Boards. Now we are getting that flight to quality in the bonds that confuses the issue. It's like a smoke bomb because we can't see our way with the bonds during so-called flight to quality. They tell us nothing because they are reacting to the plummeting stocks.

I keep highlighting the poor performance of the banks, and now it is doubly painful with the bonds ramping. Keep an eye on the


, the bank index: It just hit its low for the period and it is in some serious uncharted ground. (Glad I didn't do that

J.P. Morgan

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trade!) Those stocks are from hunger.

Too many people looking for that Friday closing short-covering rally. I don't think you can get it on the weekend before the anniversary of the '87 crash. So we wait patiently. Ouch, they just hit me on

United Technologies


Knew it was gonna be a long day. Said so myself.

Guess I am going to have to give my Dow 10,000 hat back to

Dow Jones



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