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What's causing all of this bullishness in the tech world? Why don't you ask guys like Ed Yardeni, the Y2K bear? Or all of those people who laughed at me on our TV show when I said I wanted to be in the air in a Boeing (BA) - Get Boeing Company Report plane at midnight on millennium eve, 'cause ain't nuttin' gonna happen?

One company after another is saying to us that their customers cut back because of the Chicken Little Y2K factor. Now they are pouring it on.

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Message Boards. How does it translate? Everybody is giving hints that numbers for quarter one on the Street are

too low

. That's music to the ears of guys like

Matt "Quarter's in the Bag" Jacobs

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. When people hear that numbers are too low, they can't restrain themselves. They have to buy.

Hence the green on the screen.

Random musings:

Everybody is focusing on the bond market in other venues, so I am not going to. But we did buy some

American International Group

(AIG) - Get American International Group, Inc. Report

, betting that it would start acting better, as it is very interest-rate-sensitive. Feels like an acquisition, though.

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