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The Signs Behind the Rally

All you needed to know to hit the ball out of the park was evident in the first half-hour of trading.

Could you have spotted this rally? Let's go over the tells, which were very evident from the get-go. First, we know that the margin clerks have been responsible for a massive amount of the selling. And we know that the selling has been concentrated in some high-profile Nasdaq names, mostly biotech and software.

So this morning, when Accounting Problem Poster Child


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started up, that was a good sign, and when


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Human Genome Sciences


, two total creatures of margin, roared up, that was a great sign. The fact that they went up so much from the get-go that it would take them a long time to fade gave us respite from the margin clerks' butcher knife.

Helping to keep the bullish stampede going was the price target boost in


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and a prospective split in


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(goes in tonight). And the amazing comeback of


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from after-hours hell told you that the shorts weren't going to win today. Finally, we saw the peak and fall of the


and its value buddies. That happened immediately.

All of this was available in the first half-hour of trading. It was all you needed to know to hit it out of the park today.

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