Herb's right as rain

today. The shorts have been taken out and shot.

For example, we played



to the long side. Oh, excuse me for using that word "played." How about we "long-term invested in Terayon for 100 points, except it happened in a couple of days." There, purists, is that better?

During that period the short interest went from about 2 million shares down to about a million shares as short sellers got stomped, rolled over and crushed. The move took place on the backs of the shorts.

Now there is no one left to sell Terayon to. Gilder has already recommended it so you can't sell to those people. The chart now looks crummy, so the chart hounds won't be back any time soon. Earnings breakout? Hello? That was never the point of the exercise. Most important, there are no shorts who need to cover to book a profit.

Same thing happened with

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. They had pretty much been cleaned out after the


article didn't lay a glove on the company -- even though it should have, in retrospect.

You get these gruesome declines when all of the shorts have been taken out and shot.

Still one more reason to go right now with seasoned stocks. At least they have a bit of a net underneath them.

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