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The Selloff Is Over

Does that mean the market will never come down again? No, stupid!
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Selloff's over.

You know it. I know it. The bears know it. All of that money sitting on the sidelines at


, burning a whole in their underperforming pockets (

Dow Jones


, of course) and nothing else that can spook this tape.

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We had the crash. It was last week. We had the big selloff. Now we have so many groups hitting our radar screens positively that it is difficult to keep from deploying more cash out of sheer enthusiasm for the market.

Does that mean the market will never come down again? No, stupid! There is no train that leaves the station. There will be many chances to get long at better prices. But the lesson of this week was my wife's lesson,

shared with you earlier this week: "Market's down big. Can't you find something to buy?"

Yes, and I am still doing it.

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