How much of the action today was window dressing, how much of it was real buying? How much of it was because we were oversold and how much of it was because we are simply sold out and people are done selling?

And how much of it was because some fund or funds got too negative? Several funds that were short this market had to scramble furiously in the last half hour to cover, and with it the


gained an additional 2%!


Cramer Berkowitz

, we must have had 10 audible meetings off the desk to try to figure out whether something had really changed or whether it was all the questions I pose above.

In the end, we settled on thinking that this was just another rally, exaggerated by marking up of

the Buzz and Batch variety. Secretly, I hoped it was more. I say secretly because the fakeouts have been so frequent that I didn't want to articulate anything in our meetings other than, "They are going to really get the shorts here," as I said in

the first piece of the day.

And they sure did.

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