OK, I admit it: I didn't want the bell to ring. We had gotten it right. We had nailed it. We had the max


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on and a host of other good-looking names. And we breathed it in, and in the end, felt good. Lots of smacked fists and vows to get them on Monday.

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Sometimes these days can be so low, so lonely, so depressing that you wear them on your back like old black steamer trunks filled with bricks. Other days are as light as a feather and you can't stand to look up and see that short hand on the four.

Today was one of those days. We had called the reversal right and we had placed our bets smack into the maw of worry that Fridays and employment numbers had created.

Oh yeah, and I felt real good that I had

shared this view with the site. I want people on this site to make money. Ah shucks, we can't promise anything -- we all know that "past performance" gibberish. And we can't guarantee jack. The world doesn't work like that. But when we get it right we have to crow about it. Nobody else will.

You will never read an article in any newspaper or magazine in the country that says TheStreet.com makes you money


Instead you will just see the carping and the rearguard actions and the belief that we will just wither.

Days like today make the battle all the sweeter. No, it's not Agincourt, but those who were with me today were indeed smiling all the way to the bell.

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