The Raid Scenario

Cramer and colleagues are taking some stuff off the table in case it plays out this afternoon.
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How about this scenario? A bunch of guys who are short stock and short futures come on TV at 3 p.m. and predict that the payroll numbers are going to be huge and that The Washington Post article is wrong. (That's the article by John Berry, whom Padinha has effectively discredited.) The market then gets hit as people fear that these quoted individuals -- none of whom discloses that he is short -- actually may have no ax to grind and are just doing their best -- hoo-hah! -- to help you, the viewer.

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Message Boards. We are presuming this scenario and taking some stuff off the table, including some of the


components, so that we can buy them back at lower levels. Of course, individuals don't need to do anything on that.

But traders should be aware that this "raid" scenario was discussed repeatedly at our hourly meetings, so I am trying to convey it to you.

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