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The Power of Really Dumb Luck

In TA, as in life, good timing is key.

This past week, I was on the subject of intuition, and if you haven't, please read my

Monday and

Wednesday columns. On a related topic, though, I'm starting to wonder just how much pure luck is involved in, well, everything. What made me think of this was a recent headline flashing across my news scroll:

"Thirty-year mortgages rose for a fifth straight week, to an average 7.23%, the highest since a matching rate in the week ended Nov. 14, 1997."

One word on that: wow. I mean, we closed on our home only back in January, when rates were near their


. If we had delayed just a few months, boy, our monthly nut would have been significantly higher. Just dumb luck, I guess. Now the question is whether I can backtest all this luck stuff!

Anyway, just random thoughts from a lucky guy. And below? More random thoughts, this time directed at your probing questions. Want to give me a whirl next week? Well, have a go at it, at Your full name and predictions on who will win the

Kemper Open

are most appreciated.

Patience, Patience

What do you make of KLA-Tencor's (KLAC) - Get KLA Corporation (KLAC) Report chart? It seems as though it is basing wonderfully for a nice move or forming a pretty imposing ceiling. -- Chris Nevil

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Meeting Resistance

Just when I thought I was starting to understand TA we get a day like Friday which responded to inflation news. How about a little help with Reliant Energy (REI) - Get Ring Energy, Inc. Report -- looked like a good clean breakout on Thursday only to pull back on Friday. Did I misread the long signal? I'm still holding -- what would you do? -- Ray Allen

A Bend in the River

Until last Friday's dip on the CPI news, Digital River's (DRIV) - Get Global X Autonomous & Electric Vehicles ETF Report chart seemed to be indicating an ever-increasing support level coupled with a strong correlation of high volume with gains. How do you read this now? -- Robert Veazey

Wedge Watch

Your chart analysis column has become a must-read for me! Can you take a look at the chart of Pilot Network (PILT) sometime? I bought PILT back at $9 and now find myself stumped by this downturn. It's broken the 50 DMA twice, yet the recent action looks like a wedge. Aren't these wedges bullish? -- Michael Trzesniowski

Watch Out Below

Gary, I am considering Entrust Technologies (ENTU) . What is your view? -- Trevor Gummere

North-of-the-Border Play

Mr. Smith: Could you please have a look at Canadian cable provider Rogers Communications (RG) ? A couple of comments recently on


has it as a possible target. -- Stewart Lindsay

Rare Air

What are your thoughts about Rare Medium (RRRR) ? Is this stock ready for an upward move? -- JC Burns

Some Help for the 'Rents

Great column. My parents just made their first stock trade the other day and purchased 3Com (COMS) . Needless to say their lives will now revolve around COMS' performance for the day. Looks like it's on a breakout but may be artificial due to the takeover rumors. What do you think? -- Dave P.

A Murky Chart

I have followed IBP for 10 years. For the last two to three years I have been wrong in what direction the stock will move next. It has a P/E consistently far below the peers in the same market. What do you see from a technical viewpoint? -- William Wallace

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