The Online Onslaught

The whole catalog game has become a canard, and the non-Web companies continue messing things up, according to Cramer.
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The Net's vicious reaper strikes another company down: Lands' End (LE) - Get Report. Oh, I know it wasn't in the release, but tell me that the onslaught of the onliners hasn't made this whole catalog game a canard. I mean, really, you pick up the phone and deal with a human? Hello? No thank you. Not in this next century.

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Message Boards. In the meantime, the non-Web companies (brickheads with mortar!) keep screwing it up. Don't you love the $30 million


(AVP) - Get Report

pulled out of the air to move onto the Web? Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, it's got it all figured out. It's only been talking about going online for two years already. Where did it get that number? Good luck. And I am sure the legacy salespeople are agreeing with that one.

And how about that

Trans World Entertainment

(TWMC) - Get Report

and the load of goods, or half a load of goods, it bought from


. The problem? Shrinkage.

And just what might be


(AMZN) - Get Report



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: Me: "How about people swapping


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?" Matt "New Era" Jacobs: "I didn't know people kept deer for pets!"

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