The New TSC: Tour with Dave Kansas

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If you've arrived here, you've noticed that things are a little different on

. We've revamped our entire site in an effort to make the site easier for you to use.

Before I start delving into what we've done, let me explain that this site is a work-in-progress. We've tried to make the site download faster and to improve navigation and organization of stories. As part of this changeover, we've gained more control of our publishing and development process, and that means we'll be able to implement changes more quickly.

So if you get frustrated, or see room for improvements, fire off a quick email to, and we'll get cracking on things. The key is that we're ever striving to make this publication better and better, and we're asking for your guidance. Together we can continually improve.

Now, I suspect that some of the long-timers might be a little frustrated with the new look. The familiar becomes the comfortable. But it's important to realize that the same news and information that brought you to


are still here in the current design. And I am firmly convinced that after you've spent a little time getting acclimated, you will discover that this is a far more powerful, far more useful design.

We've shown the site to some people, and there've been some questions I'd like to address. Have a read through the items below. And again, if you have any additional questions, please let us know at Or you can email me directly at

    In the old format, the latest story was always right on top. But the latest story wasn't always the most important. In the new design, the most important stories stay atop in prominent view. This change means that it's not always as clear, at first glance, what the latest story is.

    Don't get too nervous though, because the latest stories will still be right up on top of the site. And if you scroll down the home page, you'll see an index of other recent stories, all of them with date and time stamps.

    We made the change because our old site was exploding with information. Important stories would scroll right to the bottom of the page and off. Now we'll be able to keep important stories up high, even as we publish other, more recent stories, close to the top. This way, at a glance, the person in a hurry will be able to discern from the headlines and story placement exactly what's going on at that moment.

    We know that time is of the essence. We are constantly updating the site with new stories and features. But we know many of you are in a hurry, so we've added another feature that summarizes important events. This section, called Got a Minute?, will give quick nuggets on the market, corporate news, international events and more. In a quick span of time -- namely a minute -- you'll be able to find out what's happening. This is a new feature, and, of course, we welcome your feedback.

    Some of you may wonder where all the icons have gone. We've worked hard to maintain many aspects of the old site, including the pictures for commentators. But many icons have gone by the wayside to improve the speed of the site. Other familiar items sticking around include the picture of the Stock Exchange, and the color scheme.

    We've made it easier to find popular columnists. On the home page, recently published columns will appear in the shaded "Regulars" section. If you're curious to find more commentary, dash off to the Commentary index page and you'll find everything arranged chronologically and separated by day. This change should make it eminently easier to locate a recent

    Herb Greenberg

    column or another favorite.

    Our search engine is much improved. Scroll down in the search area to use our advanced search features. Search by date, by name or any other combination, and you'll find the stories that you're looking for.

    As part of this transition, we're embarking on an aggressive program to improve applications and tools. You'll see in the coming weeks an improved portfolio tracker, faster quotes and other improvements. This is all aimed at making your experience far richer and informative. We welcome suggestions on what you'd like to see here.

    Here's a brief description of the new indexes outlined in the navigation bar, which now runs down the left side of the screen.

    Stock News:

    This is coverage of companies that are not in the technology sector. It's very much like our old "Top Stories" (and the occasional Bull Run, Bear Hunt) in the old "Companies" section.

    Tech News:

    This is coverage of companies that ARE in the technology sector (Internet, computers, disk-drives, software, etc.). It's very much like our old "Silicon Valley" stories in the old "Companies" section.


    This is a NEW section devoted to international markets, companies and commentary stories.


    This is an expanded name for our old Funds section. It includes personal finance, tax help, 401(k)s, mutual fund news, and of course, our daily Fund Forum question.


    Will be much as the old Commentary section, but with better organization so that you can more easily find past stories.


    Will be much as the old Markets section.

    Got a Minute?

    : This is a new feature, mentioned above, that takes you through the moment's major news highlights if you've only "got a minute."


    This is very much like the old


    Schoolhouse. It includes our weekly Q&As, basic education on stock and fund investing and other helpful features. Jim Cramer's Asset Allocation Adventure, a tool that helps you plan your portfolio, is housed here.


    : The new ticker updates automatically every five minutes. The quotes are 15-20 minutes delayed, and the time stamp at the left reflects the time the data were captured. Click on Nasdaq to see the Nasdaq, NYSE and AMEX most actives. Also, click on TSC Internet Index to find out more about the index.

    Tools of the Trade:

    This is on the right side of the home page, every section index page and every story page. (See the quote box.) It is essentially a pulldown box that enables people to get fund quotes and fund scoreboards, Thomson data, charts, stock quotes and SEC filings. From any one of those, you can also reach the portfolio tracker.

    Talk TSC:

    This is the new


    Street Sightings. Find out the latest chat schedules and upcoming events, and read recent stories about



    Articles Elsewhere:

    This feature has been temporarily discontinued; we hope to have it back soon.

    Email to the Editors/Feedback:

    Every story gives readers a link on the right side to send us email, and to read some of the email that's been sent. It's in the box labeled "Talk to Us." Please do!

    We've got more navigational help. In the upper right you'll find a site map. And in the "About Us" section (left of the bottom tool bar) you'll find the


    Tour, which offers more detail on what's available throughout the site.

    So take a gander, and keep in touch.