The Most Overrated Honeymoon Perks, Ever.

A few places that you should not visit on your honeymoon.
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Decades ago, a honeymoon may have been the first time a couple came to know each other in the Biblical sense. Nowadays, though, it may be the first time you and your betrothed take a helicopter ride or go snorkeling. But new exotic fun can come at a price, are you prepared to pay it?

According to a recent honeymoon travel study, almost three out of four couples book "extras" on their big trip. Is it a surprise to anyone then that's study found the average cost of a honeymoon is $4,778, with higher-end honeymoons closer to $10,000?

Clearly there's room to trim the fat--

not too much fat, mind you

-so MainStreet asked Sherri Eisenberg, travel editor at Brides magazine, about the most overrated honeymoon perks. If you'd really like, for once in your life, to swim with dolphins, then by all means do it on your honeymoon. Just realize that the way to pay for it may be by flying coach in the firs place.

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