Sometimes it's as simple as a tote board, like the one at the racetrack. Let's see: The line, the


morning futures, is signaling down, but not as down as when I got in three hours ago.

Abby Joseph Cohen

comes out strongly for the bull at

Goldman Sachs

, saying things are very much on track despite Kosovo, tech, etc. Will

Maria Bartiromo

pick it up and run with it? Or will it be a squawk falling in the Goldman woods?

It should nudge the line positive.

Henry Blodget


Merrill Lynch

reiterates strength of the Net and a couple of Burlingtons get upgraded -- the gas


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at Merrill and the pants





, bullish again.

But Europe looks terrible, and this


thing has become one giant morass. More new appointments for these Euro agencies, got to assess that, which is negative any time you have to assess anything. Japan's


-- is that falling apart? Take the line back down fast.


is the


"Squawk" co-host; he's a delightful and thoughtful bull. Likes cable.

Ron Insana

is the host; he's more skeptical than a bull wants in that seat.



is blowing up -- for the billionth time. Lots of premarket red on the screen, and now a


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downgrade at

Alex. Brown

. Notch the line down again.

Bonds are looking up. Yet we know that the market has lost momentum, and if anything, the strength looks like a setup.

So far this morning, it's still a push. You can't put a lot of money out if the payback is minuscule. That said, I have been a buyer of discounted merchandise all morning because I think the Abby call controls, not the initial Bartiromo take, which has taken on all sorts of significance,

right or wrong

. And those durable goods don't hurt the bonds. Who knows? Will the futures turn positive? I think yes.

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