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The Microsoft Ruling: What's Your Prediction?

Findings of fact in the Microsoft trial are expected today. Will the ruling be for -- or against?

Microsoft Decision:

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District Court Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson's findings of fact in the long-running

U.S. vs. Microsoft

antitrust case are expected to be announced after the close, and there's plenty of buzz in the markets about how



will fare. Will Microsoft be declared a monopoly? What will become of the software giant once the ruling comes in, whether it is in its favor or against it? Tell us what you think of this landmark case.

Here's how you voted.


Do you think Microsoft is a monopoly?


Does Microsoft engage in bad-boy behavior--bullying competitors, threatening customers, and cowing developers into writing only Microsoft-compatible code?


If Microsoft is found at fault and loses all of its appeals, what should the punishment be?