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The Market's New Bad Habit

Cramer documents a disturbing pattern at work in the stock market today.
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Uh oh.

Merrill Lynch

pushes a dot-com, and people use the recommendation to sell. That's certainly a new pattern. And a disturbing one.



splits two for one, and the stock goes down. That's certainly a new pattern. And a disturbing one.

Credit Suisse First Boston

moves to sell ratings on a bunch of banks. Everybody else reiterates their buys, and the stocks get clocked anyway. That's certainly a new pattern. And a disturbing one.

Are you seeing the new and disturbing pattern yet?

I tend to discount the morning after an expiration because there can be a lot of derivative backing and filling at work. But if we keep this new pattern up (as well as the noticeable failure of some of the smaller dot-com deals last week) into the afternoon, it will be time to raise more cash until this painful and extrapolated non-


stock selloff runs its course.

The advance/decline line may be positive, but I don't know how to stay bullish when people are using recommendations to exit positions and stocks reverse after opening higher. A truly killer pattern.

The sidelines feel awfully nice here.

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